Tapping into the mind about food one megapixel and grain of salt at a time. I'm a young growing Chef that has been in the kitchen since the remembering age of four. It's tunnel vision it's a sixth sense that comes naturally an everyday must it's this crazy mysterious thing that keeps on venturing on and on and never stops. It's my story and take on food. Behind the kitchen and on a William Sanoma plate I'll blab about it till my fingers cannot write anymore. I'm on a mission to educate my generation on this growing industry. To some money makes the world go round but to others food is what keeps us grounded. PLEASE KEEP IN MIND MOST OF THE FOOD THAT IS POSTED ARE MAJORITY OF THE BAKE GOODS OR FOOD THAT I HAVE MADE! SERIOUS INQUIRIES ABOUT ORDERS PLEASE!


Have chicken ready for dinner and do not how or what to put on it? What about pork chops or even shrimp? Look in your refrigerator and grab that salad dressing or vinaigrette it makes a great marinade for meats or fish even vegetables always remember to season with kosher salt and black pepper before placing on a hot pan or grill . Next time your local store has a sell stock up on different bottle dressings to get a homemade feel of food with a twist! Happy cooking from yours truly!

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